Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009 Conference and 2009 Kuo Memorial!

This year, the heavy hitters come out for a weekend journey of deep learning, revisiting core principles, and reuniting old friends and taiji family. We are very, very lucky to be able to offer a group of presenters who are world renowned internal martial artists:

You'll attend an amazing lecture on Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Methods of Good Practice with Y.C. Chiang, one of the lineage holders of Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi. This will be a rare opportunity to learn from one of the greatest internal martial artists of our time.

You'll experience the power of Hsing Yi applications from Henry Look, one of the founders of our organization. His powerful presentation will not only open your understanding of the internal art of Hsing Yi, but will enhance and cultivate your knowledge and practice of taijiquan to a much higher level.

We are so lucky, once again, to be able to have on our list of guests Madam Hui Liu. A world renowned Qigong master who will give an in-depth workshop on Seated Meditation and Seated Acupressure from Dayan Qigong. For anyone who involved in internal arts, this will be a workshop that will give focused enhancement your practice and your health. Her workshops are famous for deeply detailed and comprehensive information. She is amazing.

Also making this conference one of the best are Donald and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo, legends in their own time, offering a workshop on Cultivating Power - Extraordinary Practice for Extraordinary Times

Randy Elia, whose technique and precision is unsurpassed, will present Fa Li, an in-depth look at the will, intention & spirit inside Tai Chi & Hsing Yi. His presentation will be a seamless weave with Master Look's application workshop. Randy Elia's is not only a talented master of the art, but an amazing presenter, reaching out to students at every level of learning.

Another exceptional presenter and direct student of Master Kuo, Marilyn Cooper, joins us for a Push-Hands demonstration with the Kuo/Kwok influences that will challenge you to move deeper into your form. Cooper is not only a grand champion, but a gold medalist, first place international competitor and world title holder and fascinating presenter.