Friday, September 24, 2010

Headin' Southwest

Hey folks- we're heading southwest this year for the Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Association Conference! The schedule has been hammered out and posted on the Guang Ping Yang Association website: so swing over and check it out.

We're headed to new territory - Albuquerque, New Mexico - a nice change of pace. And we really have Dug Corpolongo to thank. He graciously did a lot of background work to get us a great hotel at fabulous rates (you can get that info at our site!) as well as some incredible entertainment for the Friday Evening Social. (So if you don't know: we work hard -really hard - during the day, and have fun - lots of it - in the evening. But not too much. We still have to get up for stretching and form by 6:00. Larry Riddle has a switch. He will use it.)

Okay, so I get pretty excited when new teachers are folded into the mix of our conferences. I'm really pumped to get to meet Jiang Jiangye and to learn Nine Dragons Bagua Push Hands. I still don't feel push hands is a great strength of mine - especially because I really like to push instead of yield most of the time (there's a little inside secret if you're ever paired up with me!). I've only seen the multitude of videos Master Jiang ( but have never attended one of his workshops.

I'm also really interested in being introduced to medical qigong with Lu Yuzhi - who will lead a workshop on it. I still remember the first book I read that covered medical qigong (Qigong Empowerment by Master Shou-Yu Liang and Wen-Ching Wu) that went over simple but effective movements - and sometimes sounds - to ease the body back into balance. But there's a huge difference between reading something in a book and physically working with a group of people led by a highly experienced master, so again, I'm pumped.

We are also lucky to have extremely talented, sharing teachers in our own association who basically donate their time and energy to offer the best Guang Ping workshops available. Over the years I've been to many of them - luckily they've been repeated over the years because I always learn something different each time.

And I must say that I feel like I come home for a while when I'm able to attend GPY conferences. The familiar faces, catching up, being challenged. As the young people say: "It's all good."

Hope you send in your registrations and join us for this year's conference!