Thursday, January 26, 2012

Depression and the wonders of taiji

About a year ago, a study was done about depression and the elderly. They took a group of people with depression, at an average age of 70, and found that after 10 weeks of taiji, a staggering 94% "showed marked improvement". Sixty five percent experienced remission.

Those are good numbers.

Here's a link to the study:

If you are a certified instructor and are thinking about teaching in a retirement community - do it. You know the benefits. You know how to share them.

If you already teach in a similar fashion, let us know your experiences. We'd love to hear about them.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Looking for a few good Guang Pingers

We're looking for a few good people. We have lots of them so it shouldn't be too difficult.

The Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Chuan Association is currently looking to fill a few board member seats. We currently have five seats open. These seats have commitment times of up to six years.

What exactly does that mean and what is the commitment involved? First of all, you have to be an active member of the association. Secondly, because we have members all over the world, our monthly meetings are via phone has to have a phone with good service! Finally, again, because we have members all over the world, we conduct much of our business through email, so it helps tremendously to have a computer and easy access to email in order to communicate efficiently.

With that said, we spend about 2-3 hours per month for meetings planning the Annual Conference, producing a quarterly newsletter, maintaining a website and shopping cart, communicating with members, approving teachers for certification, and a bevy of other activities that arise each year!

It is a commitment. And it's one that is rich in experience with a great group of people. If you or someone you know might be interested, log on to the main page of our website to read more about it and to fill out a nomination form.